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The Swedish Association of Professional Hygiene & Cleaning


Director: Ulrika Flodberg
Assistent: Lorena Costa.

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Postal adress: P O Box 5501, SE-114 85 Stockholm
Visiting address: Storgatan 19
Phone: +46 8 783 82 40


Short about BPHR


The overall objective of BPHR is to promote the common interest and expertise of the industry represented by member companies. In practice this means:

  • Representing the professional cleaning and hygiene products industry in contacts with official and professional bodies.
  • Co-operating with national authorities in the preparation of legislation affecting the activites of the industry.
  • Studying issues relevant to professional hygiene and cleaning products, collectively seeking solutions to concerns about human and environmental health.
  • Working in close collaboration with member companies, providing support and guidance as necessary.
  • Collecting and disseminating information.
  • Achieving all the above without interfering with free competition.


IIH started its activities in 1992, earlier a section of the Swedish Association of Cosmetic, Toiletry and Household Products (KTF). In 2018 IIH changed name to BPHR .

Head office

The head office is based in Stockholm. The secretariat is also head office for other trade associations under the umbrella of KTF, which BPHR collaborates closely with.


The approximaterly 20 member companies are producing and marketing chemical products, machines and utensils for professional hygiene and cleaning.

Customer base

BPHR represents an industry whose products are essential to society. The customer base is comprised of professional users who seek products and services, which care for their specialised cleaning and hygiene requirements. The ambition of BPHR is to respons to customers' demands for products including systems and services. This is the reason why BPHR nowadays is working not only with the chemical products but also machines and utensils.


The concrete work within BPHR is handled by the secretariat in close collaboration with the Board, the Technical Committee and the Marketing and Communication Group.

Main activities

The complexity of the professional hygiene and cleaning market makes the communication of safety and environmental information a heavy responsibility and a major challenge for producers. Therefor BPHR is dealing with issues concerning safety and environmental labelling, safety data sheets, pictograms, packaging and education. More often this work ends up in trade recommendations. BPHR is also dealing with public procurement issues, especially ecological sustainable public procurement.

International co-operation

BPHR is a member of Association Internationale de la Savonnerie, de la Détergence et des Produits d'Entretien (AISE) which is an important body for the European co-operation of our industry.